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While moving houses a few years ago, I discovered that my candle obsession had created a thin layer of black soot on all my walls AND ceiling. Faced with the threat of never being allowed to burn another candle again, I knew I had to find a better way. Necessity (or desperation) is the mother of invention, and a life without the dreamy flicker of a candle’s glow plus the transforming power of a candle’s scent was not one I wanted to endure. So I decided to make my own.



I believe that candles should not only smell amazing, but burn for a really long time and leave no trace on your walls that they were ever there. After large amounts of both research and trial & error, I finally discovered the best blend of natural waxes, fragrances and wicks that create a candle clean enough to burn without smoke - while also filling a room with delicious scent. It's *actually* possible. I’m pretty thrilled with the result, and I hope you enjoy my candles as much as I do.

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