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Our candles are designed with elegance in mind - simple beauty. We've kept our design gracefully classic so each candle is able to compliment a variety of spaces. The creamy untouched color of the wax pairs well with the sophisticated shape of the apothecary jar, and delicate writing on each label means that your candle will only enhance a space - not take over it. 

About Our Leather


Scents are switched out seasonally, with a few remaining year-round. Each fragrance is created thoughtfully and with complexity, so that they leave a lasting impression. We find delight in coming up with fresh, creative offerings so we regularly cycle through both beloved classics as well as unique additions for each season. No matter what kind of scent-profile you prefer, it's likely we have something you're going to adore.


Our candles are hand-poured which means that we have taken the time to invest thoughtfulness into each candle we make. Ingredients are measured out with precision, the process is carried out intentionally, and each pour is completed with a steady hand. We take the time needed to assure that every pour results in a creamy, deliciously scented, and consistently beautiful candle for you to enjoy. We love what we do. 

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